29 Jun 2016

18 Jun 2016

To close the English course, our 4th graders participated in the 4th Acting Together. Some schools around L'Hospitalet performed different plays in Auditori Barradas. 
It was a success! If you don't believe me, just watch!

9 Apr 2016

12 Dec 2015


This Friday, Look Out Company came to visit us and we enjoyed
with the show of three nice theater plays...


29 Nov 2015


Enjoy the song and the video!
And if it's possible...sing!

22 Nov 2015

Dear families,
Here you can see a sample of the way we start our sessions!

21 Nov 2015


Thanks to all of us, at last, the witch fixed her broom!
Hope she will visit us again, cause she became a good friend.

Although at the beginning she didn't behave as a good guest... The small fight with la Castanyera had a nice end and we were able to enjoy both festivities at the same time. 

Different traditions can share the same space and this time, La Castanyada and Halloween became an incredible mix! The witch even dance our songs from Catalan tradition.

At the end, the witch understood the benefit of being tolerant and as a result, we all help her with a magic spell to fix her broom.

4 Nov 2015

                               NEXT TO SOME TOMBS PLENTY OF...

Here you can see the final production of our arts and craft works.  Following some instructive texts, we achieved an excellent result.
Do you wanna see how spiders and tombs were done? 
Enter cicle superior!

24 Oct 2015


Halloween is here and also witches come to our school!

20 Sep 2015

HELLO, students!

How was your summer?
We hope you enjoyed your holidays and did lots of fun things!

Now it's time to start a new school year!
This year your English teachers are going to be Raül, Dolors and a new teacher, Vanessa.
We are happy and excited about this year 2015-16.
We are sure it's going to be great!

                       ARE YOU READY????

                                              Yes, of course !!!

23 Jun 2015


Summer is here again: holidays, ice-creams and...

This is our final present for you this school year. 

Enjoy the video and remember,
you can watch TV in English while sitting on your sofa!

28 Jan 2015


Three plays were performed at the gym today.
If you want more, click on the level you would like
to take a look (c.inicial - cicle mitja- cicle superior)

29 Oct 2014

Booo!!! The night of witches is coming! And of course our school is celebrating Halloween! This year we have invited a creepy skeleton to join the party!

5 Sep 2014

Hello children!   

Here we are again! Welcome!!
How are you? How were your holidays?
Are you ready to start a new school year?
Your English teachers are preparing your classrooms and lessons.

We hope you are motivated to learn English… We're sure you are!
It's time to see old friends and to meet new ones!
Time to play and learn together lots of things…

And, like in the song: you can count on us!

See you on Monday 15th!!!

15 Jun 2014

A legend!
 Do you know the legend of sant Jordi? Here you can see it in English by our students from the 5th and 6th level, Enjoy it!

23 Jan 2014

On January 29th, all the Primary students and teachers are going to our school gym to see
  some plays performed by the Theatre Company Look Out!

Look Out!
Theatre Company

22 Jan 2014

Alexandra's Presentation

Hi children!

Here you can look and listen to Alexandra's Presentation again.
You can read the questions and answers to practise your English.  

It was very easy to understand! Thanks, Alexandra!

Alexandra is our Comenius Assistant. 

We are very lucky to have a Language Assistant in our school to improve our English. 

Her name is Alexandra and she is from London. 

18 Nov 2013

Catalonia and Chicago!

Catalonia and Chicago

Enjoy watching this video! It's a presentation of our school and city. It was created by our students and teachers. We have sent it to a group of students of another school that is in the USA, in Chicago. We are exchanging some works in order to improve our language.

13 Sep 2013

Welcome to your school!

Are you ready to have fun learning english?
this year we are going to do a lot of funny and interesting activities, like songs, games....and also we have prepared so many suprises for you!!! you will see!!

27 Jun 2013

English Time Songs, Summer Is Fun

Hi children!! It's time for summer holidays, so here you are a song to practise your English!! Enjoy it!!!!

30 May 2013

The Rainbow fish

Hello !! Here you have a performance about The Rainbow Fish ... It is a story about a colourful fish that learn how to be happy with his friends.

 It was the tale that English teachers explained on Sant Jordi's day.

Enjoy it !

10 Jan 2013

Christmas concert

Dear students,

You can enjoy with the school Christmas performances in English, in your own blogs. Look at them and enjoy the concert!

5 Nov 2012


What do you know about the origin of Halloween? Look at this video and learn something about this festivity and enjoy with the pictures about our activities, games and scary stories ...  

Enjoy and learn !

8 Sep 2012

New school year and new friends! 

    We love so much going back to school, don't we?...
It's time to meet our old friends and to meet new ones too!
You can play with them and you can learn together lots of things.

Now you can enjoy singing with your English teachers and friends. 
Have a nice day! 

25 Jun 2012

English for Parents and Teachers

If you, parents and teachers, want to improve your English skills, or learn the English language, here you have  some interesting links. You can choose your level, practice and enjoy it!
- CEFR Levels
- Test your level by Exam English
- Test your English Level by Cambridge ESOL
- Level Tests by Cambridge University Language Examinations
- Interactive Test by Learn 4 Good
- International House Placement Test
- Proves de Nivell EOI
- Models Proves EOI by Educastur
- To Learn English
- British Council Learn English
- BBC Learning English
- Bridging the Gap

Have a nice Summer!

Hello everybody! Are you enjoying your summer hollidays? We hope so, but remember you can also have fun  practising  your English.
Your English teachers recommend you some useful and funny links:

P5, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade:
 -  Classic Fairy Tales
PBS Kids
- Cbeebies BBC
- Kids Pages 
- Switch Zoo
4th 5th and 6th Grade:  
- The Yellow Pencil
- Primary Resources
- BBC School Ages 4-11
- British Council Songs
- FunSchool
- BBC cbbc
- GameGoo
- MightyBook
- StoryPlace
- Kiz Club
- Fable Vision
- Edu365
- English for Little Children
- Science Clips 

Visit the library and borrow books!
Reading books or magazines is a good way to improve your English!

Enjoy and have a nice summer!

23 Jun 2012

Enjoy your summer singing in English

High School Musical - What time is it? 

23 Feb 2012

Going to the theatre

Hello friends,

Today 23rd February, We have gone to the Auditori and we have enjoyed with a the play "Freaky" performed by the Blue Mango Company. Students from the CM and CS and their teachers have had a lot of fun!
Here you are some pictures...